AMA Nation!!! (Specifically Parents & Adults)

Oh mah GAH!!! We have been waiting for this for nearly 12 months!!

We have been working behind the scenes to bring this to you and we can FINALLY say WE DID IT!!

AMA is now the proud distributor of Prestige Lab’s Supplement line. This supplement line is PhD formulated and approved!

Over the past 9 months we have been working extremely hard to secure the 7 certifications required to carry Prestige Labs line. You guys this is HUGE!

Formulated by one of the smartest men in the world in Biochemistry, Dr Trevor Kashey. Dr Kashey took his SATs at age 11, graduated high school at age 15, and became the youngest American ever to secure his PhD in Biochemistry at age 19!

Until now he only used his formulations for his Olympic Athletes and Pros but with some prodding from some influential people I highly respect he has agreed to release his formulations to the public.

On 2 conditions. #1 these can only be distributed by Gyms, DOJOS and Training Facilities. Why?

Because Dr Kashey believes it’s the trainers and gym owners who are taking care of their client’s needs when it comes to nutrition and training not the supplement stores so it only makes sense that they be in charge of their supplementation needs as well. And I 100% AGREE. 

Condition #2. All distributing facilities MUST have 7 certifications to be able to fully deliver these supplements. Again I 100% AGREE. 

Well I was able to secure these 7 certifications AND AMA was selected as part of an elite group to represent Prestige Labs!

Certifications I had to Get:
Master Fitness Trainer
Level 3 Nutrition Expert
Supplementation Expert for Men
Supplementation Expert for Women
Supplementation Expert for Elderly
Supplementation Expert for Athletes
Level 4 Performance Specialist

You guyssssss that’s soooo HUGE!! And we are so humbled and grateful! These are LITERALLY the greatest supplements on the market, ANYWHERE. 

Therefore to CELEBRATE we are hosting a 28 Day BELLY FAT BLAST Challenge sponsored by Prestige Labs.

The challenge is FREE for members and thanks to Prestige for sponsoring its only $49 for non-members WITH Martial Arts CLASSES INCLUDED for 28 days!! Over $500 in value for $49!!


So if YOU or your KID attends classes you can do the Challenge for FREE!

Here are the details of the challenge. 

Registration/Nutrition Consultation is Aug 20 - Sept 1

Weigh-Ins/Measurements completed by Sept 1

Challenge Duration: Sept 3 - Oct 1

Final Weigh-Ins are Oct 1 - Oct 3

What do you get???

*Unlimited Martial Arts Classes and/or
*NEW Weekly 30 Minute At Home Killer Ab Workouts
*Belly Fat Blast Meal Plan
*Virtual Cookbook with over 50 NEW recipes!

You can choose Adult or Youth & Family Classes
Or Train from HOME!

Again I am so grateful for this opportunity and humbled by being 1 of an elite group of dojos out of 700+ applicants. Wow….

I can’t express how amazing these supplements are and how they are going to give you the absolute EDGE in your journey to weight loss, strength, endurance, and vitality! Not to mention help you CRUSH this challenge!

We love you guys so much and it feels so good to be able to add value to your lives by giving you the BEST!

See you soon,

We were also able to secure 40% off of retail pricing for our staff, BUT I am extending that discount to ALL of you!!!!
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